Uber has been ‘legal’ in Queensland for one month.

The service is increasing in popularity, as are the number of people signing up as drivers.

And one particular group is going the extra mile.

Jennifer Archdall reports.


For people wanting to get from A to B it’s as easy as opening the Uber app but there’s a group within the organisation adding a little extra to your ride home

Kathy Raydings, Grandma Uber driver: “Welcome Jennifer lovely to meet you I’m Grandma Uber.”

You may have heard of Grandma Uber but now there’s more than one granny in town.

Together, they’ve formed the Grandma Super Squad.

Robyn Thomas, Grandma Super Squad: “We have a loving, caring attitude to get all our young riders home in a safe environment.”

And just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they’re afraid to pump up the music.

Kathy Raydings, Grandma Super Squad: “With the young kids they’re all going into the valley and they’re all pumped up so grandma Uber whacks up the music got Pandora playing left right and centre

Uber is famous for its mints and water for passengers; if you’re feeling peckish, the Grandma Super Squad has your back with extra special touches.

Robyn Thomas, Grandma Super Squad: “Our cars are decked out with fresh cold water, mints, choccies, grandmas favourite homemade slice.”

Ordering one of super grannies is as easy as going online, getting their number and sending your name and a selfie.

Before you know it, you’ll be home safe, with a full tummy.

Kathy Raydings, Grandma Super Squad: “There you go Jenny love hope you enjoyed your trip with grandma Uber.”

Jennifer Archdall, QUT News.