As you heard earlier, we’re in for a long weekend of football finals, starting with AFL.

Both the Sydney Swans and the Bulldogs have battled player injuries and fitness, but the two teams say they are ready.

Dominic Shumilin reports.


Luckily on grand final weekend, the Bulldogs’ Ruckman Jordan Roughhead couldn’t be feeling any better.

Jordan Roughead, Bulldogs Ruckman: “Feeling good and ready to go now.”

Doctors have cleared him after a final and slightly worrying medical check.

Jordan Roughead – Bulldogs Ruckman: “Yeah been pretty stressful, but I suppose I can start to get a bit excited.”

Roughead suffered bleeding in his eye when a ball was kicked into his face last Saturday.

Their opposition the Sydney Swans looked calm this morning, as they warmed up to the MCG.

Star Players, Callum Mills and Jarrod McVeigh, were the focus of their training with McVeigh’s calf noticeably strapped.

As a result the Swans didn’t push their co-captain too hard.

He and the whole team had a light session confident in the knowledge that they are the bookies favourite to take the Cup.

Dominic Shumilin, QUT News.