The Queensland Police Service has released its annual review of crime statistics.

It shows domestic violence and drug related offences are increasing.

Maddisson Keenan reports.


The report card is in.

Overall crime in Queensland is up six per cent.

But the commissioner says only a few types of crimes are responsible for the overall increase.

Ian Stewart, Queensland Police Commissioner: “I’d suggest that one of the reasons we’re seeing increases in assault charges is allied to both these areas, both domestic violence and to substance abuse.”

Drug offences are rising because of the ice epidemic.

But the Police commissioner says there’s some hope in the domestic violence figures, the high numbers showing people are more confident to report the crime.

With proactive policing already underway in Queensland, the commissioner says the public also has a role to play in crime detection.

Improvements to Crime Stoppers and the introduction of an app will make it easier than ever before for Queenslander’s to report crime.

Ian Stewart, Queensland Police Commissioner: “A greater emphasis on the use of technology and innovation to deliver a more integrated policing service within an environment of continuous improvement, is our goal.”

The commissioner says despite this years increase he’s optimistic because overall crime has fallen two per cent over the last 10-years.

Maddison Keenan, QUT News.