Getting your motorcycle license will be harder from tomorrow, with new laws taking effect.

Road safety experts are worried about the number of motor bike accidents.

Patrick Goddard reports. 


So far this year there have been 41 motorcycle fatalities.

As a result the government is making it tougher to get a license.

Riders must now take a standardised pre-learner course likely to cost more than $200.

However, road safety experts say it will pay off in experienced gained.

Andrew Mahon, Executive Director of Transport Access and Use: “We understand that motor cycle riding is inherently more risky than driving a vehicle because you don’t have a car around you but we need to make sure we do as much as possible to ensure riders are safe.”

The laws have also been well received by riders.

Stuart Allen: “I believe you’ve got to take a test, take a road test, before you get on the road which is absolutely crucial.”

Jason Daniel: “For someone who is a beginner first time stepping on a bite it’s awesome for them. Their going to learn a lot.”

Riders will also be on a learners permit for three months and remain longer on a restricted license.

Despite the additional costs to riders, the new laws are expected to make the roads safer for all users.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ Spokesperson: “We hope that this is going to make the road safer for all. It means that people who are less experienced are going to have a lot more experience before they do get on the road on their motorcycle.”

The courses will be run by private instructors with standardised teaching methods.

John Peterson, ProHonda Rider Training: “Because it is so structured and so well designed they are going to be a lot safer and a lot better rider.”

Patrick Goddard, QUT News.