One of Australia’s largest second-hand markets is now even bigger.

Logan recycling market, next to the city’s refuse centre, has increased it’s car parking space to handle a bigger demand.

Eilis Rees reports.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure at the Logan Recycling Market.

It already sells used goods to 1000 bargain hunters every week.

And the popularity is expected to increase.

Lisa Bradley, Chair of Health Environment and Sustainability: “Certainly the whole recycling market in the city of Logan is extremely popular.”

The car park is a major upgrade for the market, which has been running at Browns Plains for the past 23-years.

The centre savages materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.

This market turns more than 1200 tonnes of rubbish into 1 million dollars every year. All profits made by the centre are donated to the Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund and local charities.

It up-cycles everything from clothes, to lawn mowers, couches and electronics.

Second-hand shopping is not just good for the hip-pocket, it’s also great for the environment.

Mary Trabucco, Director Reverse Garbarge Queensland: “It makes so much sense because from a sustainability perspective reusing items is actually better than recycling.”

While you may need to brave crowds to get through the doors, parking is now be a breeze.

Eilis Rees, QUT News.