New civil aviation rules have come into effect cutting the red tape of commercial drone operation. It means drone pilots may no longer need to be certified.

Dominic Shumilin reports.


Drones are hot property.

The new regulations will open up the sky’s allowing drone operators to use their vehicles commercially, without getting a licence.

13 year old champion drone pilot, Rudi Browning, is excited.

Rudi Browning, Drone Champion: “It just means everyone is calming down about it and we’re a little more free with what we can do, it’s great!”

He’ll represent Australia at this year’s World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii.

The young national champion is ready to take his hobby to the grand stage.

Rudi Browning, Drone Champion: “You’re free like a bird, you can roam the skies, it’s pretty amazing”.

The UAV community is abuzz, as not only do these new regulations open up the sky, new models have entered the market.

Casey Woodhead, Hobbyrama: “The drone industry as we know it, I mean with racing drones and the photography side of things, it’s only just beginning.”

Drone manufactures, and even GoPro, are now flooding the market with new technology.

Casey Woodhead, Hobbyrama: “Look I think it’s exciting for people that are interest in getting into drones in a commercial way.”

And that’s a bonus for newcomers to the world of drones.

Rudi Browning, Drone Champion: “It’s very available, if you wanna do it, you can do it.”

Dominic Shumilin, QUT News