Brisbane City Council has opened the public consultation process for Brisbane’s proposed subway system. The Lord Mayor says the metro project from Woolloongabba to Herston is essential to keep Brisbane commuters moving.

Eilis Rees reports.


Two out of three Brisbane commuters rely on our bus system but it’s stretched to the limit.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says a Metro Subway is crucial to prevent Brisbane grinding to a halt.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “The thing is if we keep pouring more and more buses onto the network, the delays for bus commuters are going to get longer”.

The proposed 7 kilometre route from Herston to Wooloongabba, would also utilise the South East and Inner Northern Busways.

This is how the council is selling its Metro Subway vision.

A business case for the project is expected to cost 16 million dollars and be completed by May next year. Rate payers will have to foot the bill.

Cr Jared Cassidy, Opposition spokesperson: “Public transport experts and public transport advocates right around Brisbane have all agreed that this is not the right project to do”.

He supports alternative options.

Cr Jared Cassidy, Opposition spokesperson :There is another option that is there that will provide a whole lot of new public transport infrastructure and that’s light rail for Brisbane.
OUT WORDS: light rail for Brisbane.

But the Lord Mayor insists this metro is the only answer.

Community information sessions will run from the 12th to the 29th of October, held in several locations including here in the Queen Street Mall. Members of the public are encouraged to attend these consultations and have their say on the project before it progresses any further.

Eilis Rees, QUT News