South Australia is bracing for the worst storms in 70 years. The weather bureau has forecast floods and winds to reach 90 kilometres an hour.

Dominic Shumilin reports.


South Australian residents have prepared for the worst.

The forecast winds are just below hurricane strength, and likely to be the strongest in half a century.

Heavy rain has been falling  this afternoon with predictions of widespread flooding.

The areas around Adelaide, the Mount Lofty Ranges, and the Mid-North may be facing up to 1 hundred millimetres of rain  over the next two days.

Resident: “I am so on edge it’s not even funny, yeah, I’m really worried”.

Resident: “Yeah it’s okay, it wears her down a bit, but we’ll get there”.

The state has already been ravaged by floods, with rain sodden ground unable to take much more.

And in New South Wales the Town of Forbes is also expecting  more rain and flooding

It was declared a natural disaster zone over the weekend, when rising water destroyed  70% of farming crops.

Dominic Shumilin QUT News