A report released today shows Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef is in good shape for now. But it also warns of environmental issues that could threaten its future.

Shandra Pusparini reports.


The report is the Federal Government’s sustainable plan for the reef.

It was produced after a request from the world heritage committee.

And while the twenty-fifty plan says the reef is in good shape, many others disagree.

Shannon Hurley, Australian Marine Conservation Society Campaigner: “The report actually failed to really properly address the impact of water quality and the funds that need to be committed to actually achieving good water quality which is being recommended by scientists”.

The reports claims delays in passing tougher tree clearing laws in Queensland have put the Reef at risk.

Labor, however says it is acting on that.

Steven Miles, Qld Environment Minister: “It suggest that while the rest of the world is making steps to reduce its carbon pollution to address global warming, Queensland is on a trajectory to increase our mission by an incredible 35 percent to 2030”.

Biologists say research and awareness is a vital to protect Australia’s natural heritage.

Sylvia Earle, Marine biologist: “It’s vital, now only two percent of the ocean as a whole is fully protected”.

Shandra Pusparini, Reporter: “While government’s delaying their actions, conservationist says that we have very little time left to save the Great Barrier Reef, and that we must act now”.

But with so much disagreement about this report alone… That seems unlikely.

Shandra Pusparini QUT News