A new entertainment venue has opened in Brisbane combining mini-golf, cocktails and food. Holey Moley is promising to be ‘under par’ in Fortitude Valley.

Patrick Goddard reports.


It was once a church, then a nightclub now it’s a Golf course.

Located in the heart of the valley, Holey Moley boasts two nine hole mini golf courses.

The first of it’s kind in Australia, it’s a golf course and a bar aiming to bring the real putt putt from America.

Noah Hallaway , Venue Manager: “I want everyone to come here, it’s a venue for children before 5 oclock and after for all adults 18-35 is probably the main demographic but everyone’s feel free to come down and have a go”.

Holey Moley comes from the leisure-tainment moguls responsible for Strike Bowling and Exitus.

Patrick Goddard, Reporter: “The holes were inspired by pop culture icons like Twister, Alice in wonderland and even Game of Thrones”.

Noah Hallaway, Venue Manager: “My favourite hole would probably be the Donkey Kong hole at the moment”.

In just six weeks, what was The Warehouse nightclub, has been completely renovated.

Hundreds of people have been involved in bringing the venue to life.

And the fun doesn’t stop at golf, you can also fill the hole in your stomach.

After your round, you can quench your thirst at either of the two bars.

Holey Moley opens to putters on Thursday.

Patrick Goddard, QUT News.