Federal cabinet has backed down on the so-called backpacker tax causing travelers to pay more. The decision came as a new opinion poll showed the Turnbull Government’s popularity is now lower than when Tony Abbott led the party.

Dominic Shumilin reports.


Support for a Coalition government has fallen further….

Something on the minds of Ministers as they returned to Canberra.

Alan Tudge, Human Services Minister: “This is just one news poll, it’s one poll”.

The Newspoll rating, shows support for the Coalition dropping 3% in a primary vote.

Giving Labor… a 2 party preferred lead of 4%.

The numbers however didn’t stop Cabinet from discussing some of the most pressing issues.

Christian Porter, Social Services Minister: “There’s always plenty to do but that’s what we’re here for today with Cabinet”.

The Government’s compromised on the proposed ‘backpacker’ tax.

Instead of a 32.5 per cent tax on backpacker earnings… they’ll be taxed at 19 per cent from their first dollar earned.

But we’ll all be slugged an extra 5 dollars in airport departure tax, to offset any revenue shortfalls.

Simon Birmingham, Education Minister: “All these matters are matters that are important ones to make sure we get the things in place that can fix the budget”.

But the same-sex marriage plebiscite debate is far from fixed.

The Government and Labor positions are still unresolved.

Mark Dreyfus, Shadow Attorney-General: “I asked George Brandis, what is it that you are prepared to change about the plebiscite, we got nothing.”

George Brandis, Attorney-General: “We are open to having a conversation about all aspects of the plebiscite bill.’

Dominic Shumilin – QUT News