Technology is developing at an increasing rate and one Queensland researcher is using robotic technology to help improve people’s diets.

Jacob Miley reports.


Once a topic of science fiction, robotic and future-like technology is slowly becoming the norm.

Kate Jones, Qld Education Minister: “Science is in”.

This morning, the Minister for Education spoke to future scientists at QUT, as grade 11 students attended a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program.

Kate Jones, Qld Education Minister: “When you think about advances that are going to happen with 3D printing and electronics, that it’s going to change the way that healthcare is delivered”.

And it seems innovation and technology is everywhere.

Robot: “Let me help you”.

Jacob Miley, QUT News: Here at the Centre for Children’s Health Research, robotic technology is being used to trial a new treatment to help decrease high sugar consumption

Robbie the Robot has been programmed to be innocent and non-judgemental so people will be more likely to open up and respond.

He’ll have 30 minute sessions with clients to help change bad dietary habits.

But it’s just beginning.

Nicole Robinson, PHD Student: “If we develop a healthy prototype now, perhaps we can make something that’s more human like that will respond to people well and that can help in more heath care areas”.

Researchers are looking for participants who want to reduce a high sugar intake diet.

Anyone interested can contact the institute.

Jacob Miley, QUT News