The Queensland Government has chosen World Tourism Day to release its vision for supporting and promoting ecotourism. It’s predicted the plan will not only showcase our natural assets but create new jobs.

Gabrielle Martini reports.


This quaint bush landscape of Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre at the Gap set the tone for the new ecotourism plan.

Queensland’s bushland is just one of our most valuable ecotourism resources.

Kate Jones, Qld Tourism Minister: “We have some of the best natural assets in the world; the Great Barrier Reef, pristine beaches and a rainforest”.

And conservation is a key feature of the master plan.

Kate Jones, Qld Tourism Minister: “By protecting the Great Barrier Reef for the long term that not only protects the world heritage asset but also the tourism industry”.

But 23 billion dollar industry won’t see any extra funding.. for now.

Gabrielle Martini, Reporter: “While the State Government’s ecotourism plan is about showcasing the Great Barrier Reef, the Brisbane City Council is gearing towards a koala-led economic recovery”.

It could be likened to the international popularity of China’s Chengdu panda program.

Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk’s has pledged 2 million dollars to a koala research facility in the council’s budget.

Daniel Gschwind, CEO Queensland Tourism Council: “Everyone loves koalas; why wouldn’t we build on that strength and we are fortunate in SEQ in particular to have a vibrant koala population”.

The ecotourism blue print will be rolled out over the next four years.

Gabrielle Martini QUT NEWS