Queensland is set to harvest the export benefits of a unique type of honey, clinically proven to benefit the digestive system. The Brisbane based supplier has its sights set on the massive Chinese market.

Jake Ten reports.


Some are calling it happy tummy honey. The Capilano company spent seven years researching the qualities of what’s now being marketed as Beeotic honey.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “When I talk about advance Queensland and new technology and exploring new markets overseas, Capilano ticks all of those boxes”.

Capilano believes the Chinese have a sweet tooth for this sort of medicinal nectar.

Beeotic is one hundred percent pure – with no chemical additives or preservatives.

Ben McKee, Capilano Managing Director: “The bees with their bacteria in their gut make this themselves. We’re not doing anything to it. We’re just identifying honeys with heightened properties of prebiotic content”.

It not only tastes like normal honey… it enhances the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in the stomach.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “Mmm that’s fantastic”.

Australia is no stranger to innovation when it comes to honey.

Last year, Byron Bay inventor Cedar Anderson revolutionised beekeeping with this flow-hive.

Jake Ten, Reporter: “Whilst Capilano set their sights on the Chinese market, this batch of honey will be available on Queensland store shelves at the end of this month”.

According to Capilano, just a tablespoon per day will keep the doctor away.

Jake Ten, QUT News