The one-metre rule between cyclists and motorists will be easier for police to enforce thanks to new technology.

Advocates say the new law is making Queensland roads safer.

Dominic Shumilin reports. 


A new device that allows police to measure the most contentious distance in Australian road safety – the space between bicycles and overtaking motorists – is being developed.

Police riding bikes would use ultrasonic sensors to calculate how close vehicles come.

Targeting hot-spot areas, it’ll allow them to enforce laws banning motorists from coming within 1-metre of cyclists.

Mark Bailey, Qld Main Roads Minister: “I guess it sends out the signal to motorists that we are committed to cycle safety.”

The decision comes as more and more cyclists are concerned about their space on the roads.

VOX 1: “I feel like cars do not give right of way to pedestrians or cyclists, I always feel like I have to be a lot more defensive when I’m cycling”.

Advocacy Groups say its an improvement but there are several more safety measures which should be put in place.

NAME: Belinda Ward, Space 4 Cycling: “We really need to start looking at the infrastructure that we have and how that makes us feel safe”.

She also wants physical barriers and wider lanes and consequences for those breaking the rules.

Belinda Ward, Space 4 Cycling: “If people are doing the wrong thing, then they can expect to get caught out and I think that’s a good thing”.

Dominic Shumilin: “Advocacy Groups say, at the end of the day, any steps taken to improve the safety of cyclists on our roads, are steps in the right direction and hopefully reduce the need for memorials like these. Dominic Shumilin QUT NEWS”.