The Queensland State Government launched new campaign, E10 OK, to urge motorists to change to cleaner and greener fuel.

V8 Supercar champion, Mark Winterbottom is the face of the new environmental campaign.

Alex Igoe reports. 

V8 Supercar champion Mark Winterbottom helped launch the new biofuels education campaign – E10 OK.

Advert: “In the 10 years since E10 petrol was introduced in QLD it has evolved. Today, it’s better designed and more and more cars are built to run on it. Search E10 OK”.

Biofuels Minister Mark Bailey says E10 is good for the State.

Mark Bailey, Qld Biofuels Minister: “… to boost the sales of ethanol and biodiesel by more than 100% to grow Queensland jobs”.

Part of the campaign is an inter-active website.

Motorists can search by their vehicle registration, or make and model, to see if their vehicle is compatible with the fuel.

Alex Igoe: “As the Palaszczuk government is transitioning Queensland to a clean energy economy, there are still many engines such as outboard motors that would fail if filled with E10”.

The R-A-C-Q says even though 85 per cent of vehicles can use E10, it’s best to check FIRST.

Paul Turner, RACQ G.M.: “There’s a lot of engines that still need to use unleaded, older cars obviously, motor mowers and outboards and the like”.

From January 20-17, more fuel stations will be required to have ethanol-blended petrol and bio-based diesel.

Giving motorists better access to cleaner sources of fuel.

Alex Igoe, QUT News.