The Palaszczuk Government has defended its review of the foster care system.

There’ve been calls for the Child Safety Minister to resign, in the wake of problems raised after the alleged murder of Logan schoolgirl.

Jacob Miley reports.


A review into Queensland’s child safety mechanisms sparked by the Tiahleigh Palmer murder case, comes as police continue to dig up the backyard of her accused murderer.

The review panel is made up of these four prominent child safety authorities including those representing foster care Non Government Organisations.

It will add to the findings of the 2012 Carmody review…

Lindsey Wegener, Peak Care: “If this review adds to the body of knowledge, if it adds to the accountability and transparency and improves services so be it. But if it’s a distraction from those that have already commenced it will be a massive problem.”

The search for more clues in this foster care murder case continues.

Jacob Miley, QUT News: “Police used an excavator for the sixth day, scouring the Chambers flat property. Meanwhile the opposition has had a dig of their own calling for the child safety minister’s resignation.”

Ros Bates. Opposition Child Safety Spokesperson: “I think the minister has had ample opportunity to step up and protect the children of Queensland and I think she should go.”

But on ABC radio this morning … Child Safety Minister Shannon Fentiman stood her ground.

Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Child Safety: “I’m not going to resign, in fact, calls for my resignation are only coming from the LNP.”

She is confident in the recommendations that will be put forward by the expert panel.

Jacob Miley, QUT News