The biological mother of murdered schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer, says she won’t let the 12 year-old’s death be in vain. Cindy Palmer spoke to the media just days after the girl’s foster father was charged with her murder, and stressed how devastated she’s been.

Matthew Burgess reports.


Cindy Palmer was holding back the tears.

Cindy Palmer, Mother: “I will not let Tiahleigh’s death be in vain. The time has come to get justice for Tiahleigh and I ask everyone to let the judicial system work.”

She spoke about her daughter from Logan Police Station.

Cindy Palmer, Mother: “I miss my daughter terribly every day and a piece of my heart is missing.”

And the murdered girl’s biological mother had nothing but praise for police.

Cindy Palmer, Mother: “Specifically the Logan CIB and homicide squad for tirelessly working on Tiahleigh’s case for 11 months.”

Forensic experts returned with an excavator to the alleged killer’s property, south of Brisbane, early this morning to resume their search for evidence.

They are trying to find Tiahleigh’s backpack and school uniform.

Damien Hansen, Detective Inspector: “What I do expect is there’ll be a number of exhibits taken. There’ll be a number of swabs taken. They’ll be sent for analysis so we may not have a result on those for some time.”

It’s understood police will allege Richard Thorburn never dropped the 12 year-old at school on October 30 last year, as he previously claimed.

Instead they will say he killed her and dumped her body in a river.

Thorburn was transferred to the Brisbane Correctional Centre in Wacol, after waking from an induced coma in hospital.

All four members of Tiahleigh’s foster family have been charged with various offences.

Richard Thorburn is expected to face court in December.

The search at Chambers Flat is likely to continue for days.

Matthew Burgess, QUT News.