Rain, rain, and more rain is forecast for the next month at South Bank. QPAC’s production of ‘Singing in the Rain’ opens on Friday night and those in the front seats will get wet!

Liana Walker reports.


Bucket loads of water, special rubber-soled shoes and months of intense rehearsals.

Singin’ in the Rain is making a splash, opening tonight at the Lyric Theatre.

Grant Almirall, Actor: “If you enjoy the movie and you wanna see the movie on stage, come and watch the show.”

The classic production promises a unique experience.

Rohan Browne, Actor: “The one thing the show has over any other show is it rains on stage every night.”

Even with all the water, the cast still stay on their feet.

Gretel Scarlett, Actor: “It can be a bit of a slip and slide, sometimes can feel like the old detergent down the plastic tarp.”

Each night 12,000 litres of recycled water floods the stage, but beware if you are sitting in the front three rows, you maybe in for a bit of a surprise.

Jack Chambers, Actor: “The first three rows are considered the splash zone, so they get complementary ponchos. I don’t really go for them, I go for those who don’t have the ponchos and I want to try and go past the splash zone.”

The rain keeps pouring at QPAC until October 30.

Liana Walker, QUT News.