The RAAF’s Super Hornets buzzed Brisbane’s skyline on Friday, in a flyover practice for Saturday’s Riverfire Festival. They combine with the fireworks for one of the city’s most popular events.

Grace Cadden reports.


The ground rumbled as the two FA18F aircraft whizzed around the city’s skyline.

Eager spectators lined the Kangaroo Point cliffs on Friday to get a sneak peek at the sleek hornets.

Businesses are in for a big night tomorrow, many restaurants are fully booked.

David U’Ren, Manager The Jetty South Bank: “It starts about 8pm in the morning, people start arriving and by 5, 6 o’clock it’ll be jam packed.”

Amani Hartono, Manager River Quay Fish: “Great weekend for us, the sun’s out, it’s going to be good weather this whole weekend, so it’s going to be really good.”

The Lord Mayor has some advice.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane: “Just be safe, be patient, there’s a lot of people that will be there. Just look after each other and have a great night.”

He will have front-row seats to the show from Wharf Street Precinct.

The Super Hornets will conduct a flyover just after 7pm to begin the main event.

Then, about 500,000 people are expected to watch Brisbane’s ultimate fireworks display.

South Bank, the city Botanic Gardens and Kangaroo Point are other popular vantage points.

If you are going, remember alcohol isn’t permitted in public places, but there’ll be plenty of fun without it.

Grace Cadden, QUT News