Police are again searching the Chambers Flat home of the foster family at the centre of the Tiahleigh Palmer murder case. The foster father Rick Thorburn, is charged with the murder and this afternoon he was transferred to the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s secure ward.

Grace Cadden reports.


Police arrived at the Thorburn family home at about 7.30 this morning.

Five forensic units searched the property, blacking out windows, some armed with shovels.

Police took a number of items away for further examination, including a belt.

The state government is conducting an investigation of its own into the state’s foster care system.

Curtis Pitt, Acting Premier: “Blue cards and foster caring arrangements, those have been additional pieces which we have asked the commissioner to look at as part of the review, which will come back in the early part of next year.”

The Acting Premier says the death of Tiahleigh has impacted all Queenslanders.

The foster father, his wife and two sons are all facing charges.

Earlier this afternoon Rick Thorburn was reportedly awake and responsive after being placed in an induced coma.

Police have launched an internal investigation into whether he did take pills while in their custody.

Rick Thorburn will be transferred to a correctional facility when discharged from hospital.

He’s due to appear in court in December.

The arrests come almost 11 months after the Logan schoolgirl’s body was found on the banks of the Pimpama river.

Grace Cadden, QUT News