We all know birthdays come along each year, but on Thursday one Brisbane lady blew out the candles on her cake for the 105th time.

Noor Gillani reports.


This room at St Vincent’s Aged Care at Kangaroo Point was packed with friends and loved ones, all for Margherita Vitanza.

Margherita Vitanza: “Got nine grandchildren, six boys, three girls. Little one be four years each. This one four years, other one be four years next month.”

On her 105th celebration, family means everything.

Margherita Vitanza: “She’s amazing. She’s always happy.”

Despite her age, Vitanza makes sure she stays in great shape, physically and mentally.

She came to Australia from Italy in 1937 as a single woman, moving to Innisfail where she met her husband.

Vince Vitanza, Son: “It was a pretty rough life. No electricity, no fridges, no nothing.”

At 105 years, Margherita Vitanza says the secret to a long life is hard work and staying away from chocolate.

Happy Birthday from QUT.

Noor Gillani, QUT News.