The use of a mobile imaging system during surgery has put the Greenslopes Private Hospital on the map, with the process a first for Australia.

Imogen Kars reports.


In high-risk procedures to remove tumours from the brain, every millimetre counts.

But Brisbane mother Clarissa Herbert breathed a little easier after her surgery on Sunday.

Clarissa Herbert, patient: “I think my biggest worry has been who’s going to look after my son.”

The operation, at Greenslopes Private Hospital, is the first time a mobile imaging system has been used during surgery in the Asia Pacific.

During the five-hour surgery, the scans helped to precisely locate the two tumours.

The technology works by lighting up the tumours, allowing accurate and safer results.

Bruce Hall, Neurosurgeon: “We can effectively see whether we still have more tumours to remove.”

Surgeons also believe the technology will have the potential to help in other surgical areas.

Experts say this could mean a clear vision for safer spinal surgery procedures.

Imogen Kars, QUT News