A warning to drivers in the state’s south east. There are five danger zones where the most accidents are likely to occur and an insurance company knows why.

Melissa Mackay reports.


AAMI released it’s crash index and this intersection on Logan Road at Mount Gravatt is on the top of the list.

It’s reputation is far worse than it was a year ago when it rated number five.

Alexandra Foley, AAMI Insurance: “There’s probably a number of reasons. Becasue it’s a major road in and out of the city, there are a number of very busy intersections along that stretch of road and it’s also a major entry and exit point to the main highway.”

Locals are calling for an upgrade to the main road.

Vox 1: “There’s too much traffic for two lanes and if somebody parks here then you’re down a lane.”

Vox 2: “People try to scoot across and it makes it a bit dangerous trying to get through to the next road.”

The other hot spots are Mains Road at Sunnybank, Gympie Road at Chermside and Aspley, and Caloundra Road at Caloundra.

And the main causes …. carelessness, a loss of concentration, bad weather and heavy traffic.

One in four Brisbane drivers still admit to using a mobile phone while driving.

It is known as one of the fatal five causes of road incidents, and motorists are being urged to keep their eyes on the road when behind the wheel.

Anna Jeffries, RACQ: “We really need drivers to concentrate when they get behind the wheel and make sure they’re up for the challenge every time they turn the key.”

It’s a timely reminder in the middle of school holidays.

Melissa Mackay, QUT News