Queensland’s bravest have been recognised for their heroism. Among them, a man who saved two people from a burning car in the state’s south-east.

Matthew Burgess reports.


Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey congratulated more than 100 recipients at five ceremonies throughout the week.

On Wednesday at Government House, he honoured courage, commitment and community service.

Bradley Morrison received the highest medal for bravery.

He rescued a man and baby from a burning car in Aratula in 2013.

Bradley Morrison, Award Recipient: “When I pulled up, I saw it and so I just ran to it. I didn’t think of any consequences.”

11-year-old Jade-Elle Brown proved bravery has no age limit.

She collected an award, along with her grandfather, after saving her sister’s life three years ago.

The family was driving their ute along the Bruce Highway when they collided head-on with a motorhome.

Jade was eight-years-old at the time.

Stephen Richards, Grandfather: “Flipped over, squashed us down, squashed the roof down virtually on the top of the doors.”

Jade-Elle Brown, Award Recipient: “I just went back in to help her because I heard her.”

In May last year, three brave onlookers plunged into the fast-flowing Brisbane River to go to the aid of a stranger.

Desleigh Jones was one, she was also recognised on Wednesday.

Thankfully, the swim teacher had recently completed a life-saving course.

Desleigh Jones, Award Recipient: “People say it’s brave, I just think it’s something that anyone would do.”

Matthew Burgess, QUT News.