The competition to draw families and the tourist dollar to some of our major attractions in the school holidays is intense. Sea World is hoping some mythical creatures – part woman, part fish – will do the trick.

Jed Theed reports.


Queensland’s finest aquatic experts have identified the mysterious creatures as mermaids.

They don’t appear to be afraid of their new-found fame, interacting with amazed onlookers.

It’s the first time they’ve been caught on camera.

Michael Croaker, Village Roadshow: “It’s been wonderful. It’s terrific to stand down here and actually see mermaids waving through the glass and see grown men with their kids waving back.”

Despite sharing a tank with stingrays and sharks, the mermaids don’t appear to be in any danger.

Children, in particular, were excited by the prospect of seeing them up close.

Vox 1: “Um, they’re pretty.”

Vox 2: “I thought it was amazing how they’re under there with all those fish and stingrays and stuff.”

Vox 3: “It’s pretty amazing they can do this, like, it’s pretty cool to see them in real life.”

What sparked this sudden appearance is as yet unknown.

What is known is the delight these creatures, thought only to exist in fantasy, are bringing.

It’s believed these lovely mermaids will be hanging around until the October 2, when they return to the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Jed Theed, QUT News.