The honours system is a way of saying thanks for acts of bravery and courage, but it also recognises the vital work of those behind the scenes, who help organisations like our emergency services to excel.

Imogen Kars reports.


From lawn bowls to ophthalmology, 22 ordinary Australians received awards of honour on Tuesday morning for extraordinary service.

Hon Paul de Jersey AC, Qld Governor: “Kay and I congratulate you wholeheartedly on the great honour bestowed on you all today.”

Marcia Love received the Ambulance Service medal for her longstanding contribution as a paramedic.

She’s a pioneer female paramedic in many roles, including Officer-in-Charge, and paid tribute to her colleagues.

Marcia Love, Queensland Ambulance Service: “We all see each other as the same, male or female, and that we can contribute to community.”

Shane Tinsley works for the Queensland Fire Service.

He’s contributed to the development and implementation of rescue policies, processes and training.

Shane Tinsley, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services: “I’m pretty happy about that, it’s a great award to receive.”

Professor Prasad Yarlagadda from QUT was also honoured in today’s ceremony.

His outstanding contribution to the field of engineering was recognised, as well as his services within the Indian community.

Prasad Yarlagadda, QUT Professor: “It enourages them, motivates love, and people to take care of their community.”

Tomorrow marks the closing ceremonies for the awards at Government House.

For many of these outstanding recipients, their duties will continue.

Imogen Kars, QUT News