It’s do-or-die on Friday night, as the Geelong Cats and Sydney Swans face off before next week’s grand final. Both teams are carrying injuries, but coaches say their players are ready for the clash.

Grace Cadden reports.


Geelong defender Lachie Henderson has been declared fit to play, after suffering a knee injury.

But his return may bump another player out of the match.

Coach Chris Scott is refusing to rule any of his players out nor speculate on the last time the teams clashed in the finals round.

Chris Scott, Geelong Cats Coach: “I say quite regularly that what happened last time we played or earlier in the season isn’t that relevant, so what happened five years ago certainly isn’t relevant.”

The Cats coach says his guiding philosophy is that he plays fit players, as simple as that.

As for the Swans, Kurt Tippett and Gary Rohan are still on the mend.

After six days of rest, Tippett’s likely to return, while Rohan’s knee is better than first thought.

Coach John Longmire is giving no clues either, as to his line-up.

This is the first time in more than 80 years that the boys have played one another at the MCG.

The Cats are tipped to win, but they’ve never beaten the Swans in a final.

And devoted Western Bulldogs fans are celebrating their team’s chances in the finals.

Thousands of decked out Doggies converged on Melbourne’s Whitten Oval for the team’s open-day training session.

Grace Cadden, QUT News