A circus using exotic animals in Redbank Plains, has provoked the ire of Ipswich City Council. The council banned similar shows in 2009, but in this case it appears to be powerless.

James Hurwood reports.


The Lennon Brothers Circus is here at Redbank, but it’s facing opposition from animal welfare groups, as well as the council.

The circus is currently operating on what it says is private land, but the Council says it’s government land.

Local councillor Paul Tully, isn’t happy.

Cr Paul Tully, Ipswich Council: “For wild animals to be caged up for 20 or 30 years is unacceptable.”

The RSPCA supports that stance.

Michael Beattie, RSPCA: “Well we don’t believe in the use of exotic animals in circuses. We believe they’re much better off in open plain zoo situations.”

But the circus is adamant that it has their animal’s best interests at heart and that they’re well taken care of.

Georgie Lennon, Lennon Brothers Circus: “I love and care and respect those animals as does everyone else here on the show, they always come first when it comes to anything on the show.”

With the Gold Coast City Council following suit in implementing a ban on exotic animals at circuses, it’s unclear whether there’s a future for these types of shows in the state.

The other option available to circuses is shifting the focus to solely human performers.

Vox 1: “I’ve been to circuses where there are no animals, and that’s pretty entertaining still.”

Vox 2: “Performances would be better I think, just to move on, leave the animals alone.”

For now the show will go on.

James Hurwood, QUT News