The RACQ is warning drivers to be aware of major changes to some school speed zones. The 40 kilometres per hour speed limit may be in force all day long.

Madison Scott reports.


When school resumes after the current holiday period, some motorists may be caught out and it could be in the middle of the day.

Instead of two different go slow times before and after school, drivers may be confronted with a 40 kilometres speed limit from 7am all the way through to 4pm.

Anna Jefferies, RACQ: “They’re required to have flashing lights, so when motorists approach they are warned at all times of the day that they need to keep an eye out for children.”

In some zones it’s a work in progress.

Outside Ambrose Treacy College in Indooroopilly, one of the original signs still stands unchanged, but only 75 metres away there’s a new sign with the all-day limit.

The school’s playing fields are across the road, creating a split campus situation.

Sharman Bolton, Local Resident: “They cross the road during recess time and for PE and after school as well. It’s quite a busy area.”

With the new signs, the same fines apply to those who exceed the 40 kilometres limit.

Sharman Bolton, Local Resident: “The number of times there’s been radar guns at the top of the hill is just numerous, some weeks it was up to four times a week they would be there.”

It’s a game of keeping your eyes peeled as not all school zones have changed, some signs still remain as 7-9am and 2-4pm.

Madison Scott, QUT News