The Queensland Ballet Academy unveiled it’s line up for 2017 on Monday. The sparkling new season is a blend of classical and contemporary, embellished with strong elements of love and romance.

Noor Gillani reports.


It kicked off with a launch session at the Queensland Performing Arts Center in Southbank.

Artistic Director Li Cunxin says the academy has sold out nearly every performance since the beginning of the last season and hopes the new one will receive just as much success.

Li Cunxin, Qld Ballet Artistic Director: “It is a year to fall in love with us and with the beautiful art form we present.”

The new line-up features multiple collaborations, including one with local singer-songwriter Katie Noonan, aimed at appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences.

In a startling performance from Swan Lake, principal dancers Victor Estevez and Laura Hidalgo gave a taste of what is to be expected.

Li Cunxin, Qld Ballet Artistic Director: “We’ve got La Fille Ma Garde, which is a brand new collaboration with the West Australian Ballet, and then the raw program which is a ballet that Queensland and Australia has not seen.”

Along with the classics, the academy will introduce three never before seen productions as they push the boundaries of previous seasons.

Tickets for upcoming shows will be available online from 9am on Tuesday.

Noor Gillani, QUT News