It’s the half-way mark in the Federal Election campaign. Today, Bill Shorten’s been under pressure over his stance on business tax. While Malcolm Turnbull has come to the rescue of a former minister facing the loss of his seat.

Zarisha Bradley reports.


The Prime Minister was campaigning in the Adelaide Hills seat of Mayo, currently held by Liberal, Jamie Briggs.

The dumped minister’s reputation took a battering over his behaviour on an overseas trip.

And the candidate for Nick Xenaphon’s Independent party is considered a major chance to upset him.

Today, Mr Turnbull said Briggs’ re-election is crucial for a Coalition win.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “The only way to ensure a stable government is to vote for coalition.”

The Opposition Leader was out on the hustings in northern Tasmania today and generally received a warm welcome from voters.

In a state where tourism is a major industry, Mr Shorten promised $44 million for a tourism infrastructure fund.

He was questioned about supporting tax cuts in Parliament five years ago, which he now believes are “useless”.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “First of all, you can only give tax cuts when you can afford them. The circumstances are quite different between 2011 and now.”

He says the Federal budget deficit has tripled.

More revenue cuts will put Australia’s credit rating at risk.

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News.