Movie World turned 25 today. Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny and a host of superheroes and Hollywood stars, turned out to wish the theme park a happy birthday.

Samantha Cheney reports.


With more than 415 acres of fun and 18 super-fast roller coasters, the fun is still going strong.

Movie World has welcomed more than 20 million visitors since opening in 1991.

Fans, old and new, celebrating the birthday extravaganza.

From timeless favourites like Wild West Falls to more recent additions including the Lethal Weapon, Movie World continues to attract all the stars.

Austin Powers, Movie World Character: “All of the characters are out, the shows are happening, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun baby, yeah!”

Super villains are set to take over Movie World later this year, announcing their two new multi-million dollar attractions for October.

The Doomsday Destroyer and Super-Villains Unleashed are sure to have stomachs churning.

Selena Magill, Movie World Brand Manager: “Today’s really special for us. It’s our 25 year anniversary, that means 25 years of us bringing a lot of great memories to families all over the Gold Coast, interstate and overseas.”

The theme park will continue its year long celebration into 2017 in true Hollywood style.

Samantha Cheney, QUT News.