The State Government has $12 million up for grabs for Bayside councils. It will help the coastal communities combat the impact of rising sea levels.

Emily Halverson reports.


Today the QCoast2100 program was launched at Redcliffe jetty.

It’s fences like these which could become completely inundated before the end of the century.

Margaret de Wit, Local Govt. Assoc: “Local government assets alone have been damaged to the extent of $5.4 billion over the last 10 years.”

Science suggests that in 80 years the sea level will rise by 80 centimeters.

Allan Sutherland, Moreton Bay Mayor: “There is no point whatsoever putting our heads in the sand and being in climate change denial.”

This means Queensland coastlines will face accelerated erosion, more cyclones and submergence.

Around 80 per cent of Australians who live near the coast could be the target of rising sea levels.

More than $200 billion worth of homes and infrastructure could be at risk.

Property built along canals and coastlines will be the first to see the effects.

QCoast2100 will provide councils with resources to minimise the risks of climate change.

Dr Steven Miles, Qld Environment Minister: “With these funds we can support local councils to adapt, to learn what the impacts on their communities will be and make their communities more resilient.”

The State Government will wait for all bids to be submitted before granting the Qcoast2100 funds.

Emily Halverson, QUT News.