Sam Thaiday has come under fire for his ‘virginity’ post-match State of Origin reference. Social media users posted that he should remember he is talking to children. Others said, the comments were fit only for the dressing room, and not on national television.

Keira Wallace reports.


The morning after Queensland’s victory.

The Maroons second-row, flying out of Sydney.

A man of few words.

Reporter: “You’re a professional athlete and you’re referring to winning a game like losing your virginity.”

Sam Thaiday, Maroons Player: “Yeah.”

Reporter: “You don’t think that’s inappropriate?”

Sam Thaiday, Maroons Player: “No.”

Philosophical about the reaction.

Sam Thaiday, Maroons Player: “You can’t make everyone happy.”

Reporter: “Aren’t you a family man?”

Sam Thaiday, Maroons Player: “I’m a family man, but I’m a human too.”

It’s not the first time Thaiday has come under fire for his comments.

He made the same comparisons in Brisbane’s round six win over St George in April.

Stark contrast to fellow maroon Jonathon Thurston, whose post game comments included encouraging Aurukun kids to stay in school.

Johnathan Thurston, Maroons Player: “I got a mate teaching up there as well and just wanted to give them a shout out, keep working hard like the Maroons team did last night.”

Queenslanders in Sydney, delighted by the Maroons’ win.

Maroons Supporter: “Queensland held out and they got the win, so… Queenslander!”

Maroons Supporter 2: “A win’s a win. One, two points, three points. We still won.”

The Maroons and the Blues will face off again in three weeks time at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.


Keira Wallace, QUT News.