The Maroons won Origin Game one, 6 points to 4, in a dour but never dull affair. But some 50-50 calls against the Blues by referees, have outraged coach Laurie Daley.

Bryce Heaton reports.


The usual Origin arm-wrestle was on from kick-off.

A few nerves from the recalled Josh Morris.

Before a questionable penalty to the Maroons led to the first score.

But it was the Blues that touched down first in the 25th minute.

Commentator: “Gets it to Cordner! Cordner scores the first try!”

Just before half-time the Maroons crossed to retake the lead.

Commentator: “Thurston now Boyd, Boyd out to O’Neill onto Gagai, try! Try!”

Both teams threatened in the second half, but the score remained unchanged, an unyielding display from both camps.

Josh Morris went inches from taking back the lead, but Aiden Guerra’s left knee was the saviour for Queensland, the bunker overturning the ref’s call of try.

Bruised, battered, but unbowed.

The Maroons emerged from the ANZ Stadium coliseum victorious, standing firm against a Blues onslaught in a scoreless second half.

An interesting take on the game from Sam Thaiday.

Sam Thaiday, Maroons Back Rower: “Yeah it was a bit like losing your virginity. It wasn’t very nice but we got the job done.”

For New South Wales, the performance of the referees drew the ire of coach Daley.

Laurie Daley, Blues Coach: “Put it this way, I’ll be asking those referees to not be officiating in Game 2.”

Ever the classy operator, Jonathan Thurston had these words of encouragement for an embattled North Queensland town.

Jonathan Thurston, Maroons Halfback: “Yeah I will I just wanna say a quick hello to Aurukun State School, there’s obviously been a lot of trouble up there so to all the students there I just want you to believe in yourselves and keep turning up to school.”

Queensland will be hoping to wrap up the series in front of a parochial home crowd in three weeks time.

Bryce Heaton, QUT News.