An armed man has attempted to rob a pharmacy in Sydney’s south-west. But he was no match for a number of women inside the store. They fended off the robber, one woman using a walking stick.

Keira Wallace reports.


The hapless robber made no attempt to disguise himself as he entered the pharmacy late yesterday afternoon.

The CCTV cameras captured him heading straight to the back of the store.

He grabbed the pharmacist roughly and threatened her with a sharp wooden implement, demanding drugs.

Victim: “Bit nervous, thought of my kids and my family and wanted to make sure all the staff were safe and that was the first thing, everything else didn’t matter.”

Quick-thinking staff and customers grabbed items including a walking stick and gave the would-be thief a taste of his own medicine.

It proved too much and the suspect gave up and fled from the unlikely heroines of the day.

Pharmacy Assistant: “We’re tough old girls. We’ve all been here a very, very long time and we’ve been through this quite a few times. So I hope he’s got a real bad headache this morning.”

Detectives are still looking for the man.

Keira Wallace, QUT News.