The State Government boosted its commitment to green energy. It will triple the amount of electricity generated by solar power.

Emily Halverson reports.


The announcement came on the roof of QUT’s Science and Engineering building at Gardens Point.

It’s here the university is harvesting power from these solar panels.

Now the government has even bigger power plans for the Sunshine State.

Mark Bailey, Qld Energy Minister: “It makes sense for us to increase our commitment, in fact triple our commitment, from the initial 40 mega watts to 120.”

That commitment means a much bigger investment in farms like these supported by vital research by QUT staff and students.

John Bell, Head Science and Engineering QUT: “It’s really important for us to actually have those facilities to be able to understand solar to be able to actually look at how it works.”

QUT hosts teams of students who specialise in the innovation of all renewable energy.

Rod Persky, QUT PhD Candidate: “We’re looking at making improvements to push the commercial value and bring down the costs so that we can get them out as fast as possible.”

From humble roof top panels to massive power grids.

Renewable energy not only depends on government support, but research from institutions like QUT and funding from commercial interest.

The Solar 120 project will also aim to create hundreds of jobs in regional QLD.

Emily Halverson, QUT News.