It’s the day all footie fans hang out for each year. State of Origin, game one, kicks off tonight. Thousands of Queenslanders are already starting to arrive at ANZ stadium, ready to cheer on their beloved Maroons. But an away game, hasn’t stopped the hype here in Brisbane.

Zarisha Bradley reports.


It’s that time of the year again for the rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales to really reach fever pitch.

Tom Cameron, Rebel Sports Store Manager:”For that 80 minutes its mate against mate, state against state.”

Tom Cameron, Rebel Sports Store Manager: “Looking what they (Queensland) did to us in game three last year, they obliterated the blues.”

Simon: “Just last year or? (Laughs)”

But some aren’t so happy to be wearing blue.

We’re in Queen Street Mall.

It’s game day.

I’m wearing my Maroon but I can’t seem to find anyone that’s wearing Maroon.

There’s got to be someone.

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News Reporter: “Where’s your maroon at?”

Vox 1: “I’m a New South Welshman so not today.”

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News Reporter: “You’re not even wearing New South Wales so you mustn’t be much of a fan.”

Vox 1: “It’s a little bit of blue.”

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News Reporter: “Purple.”

Police Officer: “I’m a Queensland supporter.”

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News Reporter: “Where’s your Maroon?”

Him: “Corporate uniform unfortunately.”

But the Queensland spirit eventually came out of hiding.

Vox 2: “Go Queensland!”

Vox 3: “Queenslander, Queenslander, Queenslander!”

Vox 4: “Queenslander!”

Even on the campaign trail, Origin made its mark, causing some embarrassing moments.

The Sydney-based Prime Minister was handed a Maroons jersey.

And the Opposition Leader got his teams a bit confused.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “But also I have to say the Storm, I think are the underdogs – slightly under the bookies market and I’m partial to backing the underdogs.”

At the Caxton Hotel, the heart of Queensland Rugby League, I’ve finally found Queensland supporters.

Vox 5: “Everybody still comes to the Caxton on an away game. It”ll be shoulder to shoulder.”

Ashley Harrison, Former Broncos player: “So here for a function and hopefully stay here and cheer Queensland home.”

In Sydney, the invasion started early as the first ever origin cruise docked in enemy territory.

But there were still some Blues supporters on board.

Zarisha Bradley, QUT News.