The Prime Minister and Opposition Leader were both in Brisbane today. Malcolm Turnbull continued with his jobs and growth mantra, helped by strong growth figures and new polls showing the coalition edging ahead. Mr Turnbull says the figures show their economic plan is working.

Abigail Blaikie reports.


Mr Turnbull spent the morning at an innovation hub in Brisbane’s East with start up companies, playing compare and finding out about their businesses.

Host, Innovation Hub: “You can just tap on your phone right now and get your lawn mowed.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Right, and just on the way in I could get my pet babysat too.”

He’s promising them an additional $15 million to help start up businesses get a leg up.

The PM may have had a warm reception here, but it was a little frosty outside his hotel this morning.

There was some good news for the Prime Minister today as new figures show Australia is growing at its fastest annual rate in more than three years.

Chris Richardson, Economist: “The reason Australia’s economy is growing is because our trade with the rest of the world is growing.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “This confirms the direction we’re leading the country in, in terms of our economic plan, but there is much more work to do and we are seeking support of Australians to complete that work on July the second.”

And the Treasurer says it’s more evidence the jobs and growth message is working.

Scott Morrison, Treasurer: “The Australian economy is continuing to grow, outstripping the world’s most advanced economies, past the United Kingdom, the United States and Eurozone.”

The Prime Minister returned to Sydney late today in time for the Origin kick off.

Abigail Blaikie, QUT News.