Smoking will soon be banned on all Queensland University of Technology campuses. The University says it’s taking a ‘wellness’ approach, rather than focus on policing and punishment.

Emily Halverson reports.


You can cough, splutter and shame smokers all you like, but QUT has decided to go one step further.

From July, smoking will be banned from the university’s three campuses.

It’s the second uni in Queensland to ban all smoking-related products, including electronic cigarettes.

Vox 1: “I think ACU’s had it for a while, I kind’ve like it.”

Vox 2: “Honestly, having the smokers really close to everyone is kind’ve off-putting to those who don’t smoke.”

The Vice-Chancellor says the ban will focus on positive enforcement, rather than punishment.

Prof. Peter Coaldrake, Vice-Chancellor: “We’re gonna ramp up the support measures we have to assist people to participate in quit programs, quit smoking programs.”

The undefined boundaries of all the campuses will make it impossible to police.

QUT maintains that education and communication will be the key.

Queensland’s Cancer Council says 12 per cent of the state smoke daily.

Katie Clift, Qld Cancer Council: “That’s 50,000 fewer people than in 2014, and with the introduction of smoke-free campuses, we’ll continue to see that figure drive down over the next few years.”

Even students who smoke have found a silver lining.

Vox 3: “It’ll help me cut down ’cause I don’t really wanna walk more than 20 meters to go for a smoke.”

Emily Halverson, QUT News.