Australia’s Eurovision star Dami Im, returned home to a sea of cheering fans at her former high school, John Paul College. The songstress dazzled the crowd, performing the hit song that won her second place in Sweden.

Julia Wighton reports.


Dami Im arrived early this morning to this.

Students, John Paul College: “Dami Army Dami Army Dami Army.”

Channel Nine Today Show hosted a special home coming event.

And she didn’t disappoint the crowd.

The 27 year-old has been caught up in a media whirlwind since her Eurovision success, and says she was thrilled to be back in the familiar setting of her hometown, amongst her loyal ‘Dami Army’.

It’s long way from the bright lights of Stockholm but to her it didn’t seem to matter.

Dami Im, Singer: “You know, when I was at school I was a, you know, shy kid just behind the piano, but I told them, you know, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.”

The teachers and students were equally as thrilled to hear from their idol.

Peter Foster, Headmaster, John Paul College: “She’s a great role model, and a fantastic inspiration for the students, especially the messages that she gave us today.”

VOX 1: “To me it’s really inspiring, I believe it’ll inspire quite a lot of primary school students and as well as even some older students.”

VOX 2: “It was spectacular.”

She thanked her fans for their loyal support and then headed off for another round of media engagements.

The Logan girl’s returned home to a very different world.

Dami’s determined to pursue her music and humanitarian ambitions, leaving next week to do charity work in Africa.

Julia Wighton, QUT News.