The habits of Australian shoppers have had a shake up in recent years. Once, most of us chose weekdays or late night shopping periods. Now, the peak times for retailers are completely different.

Isobel Larkin reports.


Our peak retail therapy fix used to be Thursday night.

Now it’s 2pm Saturday.

Adam Ioakim, FootFall: “Out of the top ten busiest trading hours, we see six of the top ten on Saturdays.”

It seems these days, we’re far too busy to shop during the week.

And probably sleeping off a big Friday night.

So Saturday arvo is the go.

The crowds start to build from noon.

By 2pm, the car parks and shopping centres are bursting at the seams. But

Adam Ioakim, FootFall: “There are a lot of people in society that don’t like to shop on Saturday for that very reason.”

Which is why Sundays also, are creeping up in the popularity stakes.

It’s not just just happening at clothing and shoe shops.

Grocery stores are being slammed on the weekends too.

They’re connected to social media, using it as their primary source to find out about product comparisons and best value shopping deals.

Isobel Larkin, QUT News.