Sydney will be on display tonight as the 8th annual Vivid Festival kicks off and organisers are promising a light show unlike any other.

Joshua Cheadle reports.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge has a colourful new look.

The famous ‘coathanger’ has been decked out with 72,000 LED lights.

The Sydney Opera House also will illuminate the Harbour city.

Along with other sights such as Customs House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Centennial Park and more.

Organisers say this year, will be the most interactive offering yet with a brand new light rocket set to blast off.

Joe Snell, Vivid Designer: “I would argue one of the biggest kaleidoscopes in the world, and it’s very exciting in there. Lights, sound, all sorts of things.”

A talented line-up of musicians will feature, alongside the eighty-plus light installations throughout the city each night for the next three weeks.

Joshua Cheadle, QUT News.