Brisbanites were surprised to see Malcolm Turnbull soaking up the sun at South Bank this morning. But not quite as you’d expect.

Joseph Byrne reports.


The union stronghold on Peel Street looked more like the Cayman Islands this morning.

A Papier Mache Malcolm seemed to be having fun, and making some unlikely friends.

The unions taking a swipe at the rich and famous in protest at the Liberal’s tax breaks to corporations.

Ros McLennan, QCU: “What’s Malcolm Turnbull on about? The ABCC, Queenslanders aren’t going to follow him down that dry gully. We know the issues that matter; all that Malcolm Turnbull cares about is protecting his mates in the big end of town and big business.”

They believe the tax cuts are unfair and unsound.

Ged Kearney, ACTU: “This whole theory about trickle down has no substance, no evidence to show that it actually works.”

Some agree.

Vox Pop 1: “Tax cuts should not be given to the rich.”

Others not so convinced.

Vox Pop 2: “As business grows it employs more people it puts more money into the economy.”

While union officials are sending a clear message that this Liberal Policy is geared up against the worker Brisbane LNP Candidate Trevor Evans says nothing could be further from the truth.

He says he’s disappointed Labor has back flipped on its support of tax cuts to businesses.

Trevor Evans, Brisbane LNP Candidate: “Delivering tax cuts to small businesses and innovative start-ups is the opposite of trickle down economics. It’s actually exactly where the tax cuts need to be directed.”

Voters will ultimately decide at the polls.

Joseph Byrne, QUT News.