A small, but vocal student protest attempted to blockade a mining symposium in the city. They called for QUT to sever all ties with the fossil fuel industry.

Gizelle Ghidella reports.


These students call themselves “Fossil Free” and they want to be noticed.

Chanting: “I hear the voice of my great grand daughter sing climate justice now.”

They used theatrics to demonstrate the impact fossil fuels can have on our environment.

David Cazzulino, Youth Climate Coalition: “We’re all in this fight to get a rapid transition away from the fossil fuel industry to a clean energy future that we know that we need.”

Students want QUT to follow the lead of La Trobe and other universities to stop supporting fossil fuel companies.

Mark Thompson, Fossil Free Student: “They’ve recently changed their focus on oil and gas and we believe that’s because of the Government’s contribution and establishment of a mining and growth center at QUT.”

Inside the symposium stakeholders shared ideas about the future of the global industry, they managed to avoid the planned blockade.

While the main aim of the symposium behind me is environmental stewardship.

Protestors say for the sake of our environment, fossil fuels should stay in the ground.

After voicing their concerns the protest wrapped up.

Gizelle Ghidella, QUT News.