The calories didn’t count today as more than 6,000 morning teas were hosted around the country. It’s the Cancer Council’s biggest and most popular fundraiser for cancer research.

Isabella Pilbeam reports.


For more than twenty years Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea has been the perfect excuse for Australians to indulge.

From major hotels to humble living rooms people were happy to do their bit.

VOX 1: “It’s absolutely delicious, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

With a nautical theme the Stamford Plaza hosted its eighth morning tea with dozens of people gathering to hear the important message behind the cause.

The Cancer Research Centre says it’s imperative for the community to come together both during and after treatment for cancer.

Dr Mel Hyde, Cancer Research Centre: “It’s an individual experience but it’s also a community experience because it affects so many people, our loved ones, our extended family, people we know at work and people in the general community. So it has a huge impact.”

While this may be one of Brisbane’s biggest morning tea’s, it’s by no means the only event being held today; And from the Cancer Council’s view- every donation counts.

Small businesses also got involved, The Dawn Tea Room even featuring local celebrities battling it out in a cake decorating competition.

Lisa Kerja, Odyssey Bridal & Formal Wear: “As soon as they get a cure, the better. Everyone’s been touched, everyone knows someone whose been touched by cancer so, yeah.”

This year the Cancer Council hopes to raise more than $13 million.

Isabella Pilbeam, QUT News.