There’s a new way to encourage parents to get kids under the age of three active and outside. The Grow with Nature Play app has 99 different things to stimulate toddlers.

Kinshu Jain reports.


With 99 little ones ready to lend a hand.

The Queensland Government launched the app for Nature Play, a group that advocates unstructured outdoor play.

Grace Grace, Employment Minister: “The children are our future. And if we can develop something that can help them to become healthy, to activate their brains, for them to grow with nature, to develop their linguistic skills, to develop understanding skills, that’s the benefit for us in the future.”

With Australians spending the most per capita on toys globally, experts warn they are wasting money, and that nothing beats nature-based learning.

Dr. Rachael Sharman, USC Lecturer, Child psychology & development: “Parents have got this idea that all the learning is happening in the classroom, that is simply not true.”

With the majority of this generation being caught up in cellphones, and other electronic items, this world’s first play app is expected to bring them closer to nature.

Parents and kids alike seemed to really like this idea.

Angie Schlegel, Parent: “It just gives us extra ideas when we are already about outside, exploring outdoors and getting to know nature.”

Child: “I love playing outside”

Andrew Pippia, Parent: “I had a quick look at their app and I think it’s tremendous.”

The app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple platforms.

Kinshu Jain, QUT News.