A new logbook app, could mean L-Platers won’t stall trying to get their hours up. And they’ll learn an important road safety message too.

Joseph Byrne reports.


It’s the first of its kind in Australia.

Forget paper logbooks, Apps are the future.

Mark Bailley, Main Roads Minister: “This app is the first time a government anywhere in Australia has put the logbook requirements on an app. Which makes it very user friendly for the students who will be doing the driving but of course their supervisors as well.”

Students at Balmoral High gave it the thumbs up.

They say the app is less hassle.

School Student 1, Balmoral State High: “It will be a lot more efficient rather than using the log book. It’s just really tedious having to pull it out for two minutes after every drive.”

And there’s less chance to fudge the hours.

School Student 2, Balmoral State High: “I think a lot of people think it’s easier if they just write down some fake hours.”

It’s not just learner drivers that are excited for the new app. Driving schools are also keen to scrap the laborious task of manually filling in paper log books.

Driving instructors echoed the the Minister, commending the app as a good step forward.

Gem Landicho, Driving Instructor: “I am excited just because it’s making it more electronic these days instead of paperback, I mean we are phasing out paperback, so it’s great.”

The app also attempts to reduce to road toll, by reminding learner drivers to stow away their phones while behind the wheel.

The app is free.

It’s is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

Joseph Byrne, QUT News.