Julie Bishop, was in New Farm today reinforcing the Liberal “jobs and growth” mantra. She visited local businesses trying her hand at making a coffee and eyeing off some new shoes.

Joshua Cheadle reports.


The fashion-conscious Foreign Affairs Minister had her eyes on a pair of boots today as she browsed a boutique store in New Farm.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Affairs Minister: “They look nice.”

Julie Bishop didn’t get a chance to buy anything, but did make an impression on locals at Merthyr Village Shopping Centre.

Ms Bishop is promoting the LNP’s small business policies and endorsing Liberal candidates in Brisbane.

Julie Bishop, Foreign Affairs Minister: “I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about our economic plan, we’re backing small business, that’s where the jobs are.”

One candidate, Trevor Evans, is running for the seat of Brisbane, replacing retiring Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro.

Both Ms Gambaro and Mr Evans attended a function at St John Ambulance Service earlier today.

Minister for Social Services Christian Porter was also there announcing a $12,000 grant.

Christian Porter, Minister for Social Services: “If we can make their lives just that little bit easier that’s good for them and great for the community.”

The grant will go towards new equipment the LNP is hoping this will translate into votes for their new candidate in the Brisbane seat.

Ms Bishop will visit at least 12 Queensland electorates over the next two days to shore up support for the LNP.

Joshua Cheadle, QUT News.